Sled Bell

If you’ve trained on a turf track, you know pulling sleds on one is difficult. When you add the sled bell, it’s crushing. The sphere with twin pull handles connects to the sled with a chain.  Keeping the sled bell horizontal while pulling the sled requires tremendous strength, working the deltoids and amplifying sled bell workouts. Hang the sled bell from a rack and it’s a close grip pull-up bar. Put the sled bell on the floor, and it becomes a close grip push-up tool relieving wrist stress.


Grip diameter: 1¾"
Grip finish: Chrome plated
Grip stop diameter: 2"
Grip stop finish: Black powder coat
Sphere diameter: 8"
Sphere thickness: ⅛" steel with ½" threaded fill port
Sphere finish: Red powder coat
Color: Red, black & chrome
Approx. weight empty: 9 lbs.
Product weight: Variable, steel shot fill for 12 - 50 lbs.