Dumbbell Rack

Start bringing the work to the workout area. The Atlas Bells dumbbell rack is a compact, durable, easy-to-move storage system with layered storage for spherical training aids, equipment like weights, slam balls, Atlas stones or medicine balls. Built for durability, the rack uses 10 gauge powder coated steel with one inch diameter stainless steel storage hoops.

In most gyms, there is limited wall space for conventional dumbbell storage. Rather than clear room or leave equipment on the floor, simply push the wheeled Atlas Bells dumbbell rack to the various workout areas and then push it out of the way when you’re done. The storage hoops cradle the Atlas Bells dumbbells and make it easy to pick them up and place them back down throughout the entire workout.


Capacity: 12 Atlas Bells & 3 Warrior Maces
Color: Black
Material: 10 gauge powder coated steel
Storage hoops: 1" diameter stainless steel
Height: 36"