Designed to develop the pinch grip. Our Pinch bell is available in weights starting at 12 kg and can be loaded to 24 kg. The philosophy of shot loadable grip building is to start with a light weight and then load shot to heavier weights as an athlete's pinch grip and strength improves.

The design configuration is flexible to facilitate swings, shoulder presses, and push-ups on the grip or the sphere for core and chest development.  In addition, a strap or chain through the grip can be attached around the waist for weighted pull-ups.


Grip Dimensions: 9" Long by 3" Wide
Grip Structural Finish: Textured Powder Coat
Sphere Diameter: 8"
Sphere Thickness: ⅛" Steel with ½" Threaded Fill Port
Approximate Weight Empty: 4 kg
Product Weight: Variable, Steel Media Shot Micro-Loadable to 24kg