Over the last one hundred and twenty-five years the dumbbell has been frequently replicated but rarely innovated — until now. We created Atlas Bells dumbbells.

The shot-filled spheres of an Atlas Bells dumbbell create infinite possibilities for new and different workouts. With 13 inches center-to-center, the dumbbell spheres are the perfect separation distance for a crush curl, push-up, goblet squat, plank pull through, or two handed skull crusher. These are just a few examples of fun, yet difficult to master, conventional exercises that can be performed using Atlas Bells dumbbells. They feature chrome plated grips that have been machined with a textured surface or "knurling" on a thick grip bar that allows an athlete grab and retain the grip without slipping during the workout.

Finally, the colors of the dumbbells (standard orders are coded to match competition kettle bell colors) are a visual marker for the weight. Rather than searching for the correct weight marking on the dumbbell, the color clearly provides a simple and recognizable indicator for an athlete to decide which dumbbell is best suited for their workout regimen.


Grip diameter: 2 ¼" standard (optional 1 ¾" grip)
Grip length: 5" of knurled steel
Grip finish: Chrome plated
Sphere diameter:  8" standard
Sphere material: ⅛" steel with ½" threaded fill port
Sphere finish: Variable color-coded powder coat
Color: Competition weight
Approx. weight empty: 12 lbs.
Weight: Variable steel shot fill