The Inspiration for Atlas Bells

The inspiration for Atlas Bells came when our founder made a decision to combine his passion for fitness and innovation with his more than 30 years of first-hand experience as an engineering-driven entrepreneur. During countless hours of training inside a variety of environments, again and again he would become bored with the monotony of the same old workout. He had a real desire to train in a different way.

Different implements, different movements. He wanted programming and routines that would have more inherent challenges than simply pushing the weight, upping the reps or increasing the duration. So he began working out at a gym that featured some strength training classes that utilized a variety of rudimentary vintage style dumbbells, clubs and maces. He immediately saw an opportunity to create an improved line of vintage-style strength training gear.

He envisioned the kind of vintage -style gear that didn't look and feel like it was built in someone's garage but rather, precision engineered, professionally machined and expertly finished training implements that would fit equally well within both the confines of commercial training environments or in the workout spaces and home gyms of other rogue-minded fitness enthusiasts!

With so many gyms adorned with black and chrome gear, he wanted to create a stand-out product that would attract people to both admire and use it.  So “jewelry for the gym” was the catch phrase that stuck. Atlas Bells products would be designed to look and feel different than conventional strength training gear, and they do! So with these considerations in mind he realized his vision and created Atlas Bells.